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Who says women doing only household chores? Who says business and earning a living was a men’s job?

History said, “Women have worked since the First World War to replace enlisted men”. Added the power of women’s rights in these modern days has changed the community perceptions towards women, that they can work in any kind of field. It proves that women are strong and capable enough to support themselves at work.

Women not only become more educated, earning more, and starting up businesses, philanthropic empires, but they are also great at being a role model for the younger female generations by giving them success stories and motivations.





The obstacles women facing every day, keep them to be more creative in finding ideas on how to push the organizations forward. As women have different points of view in experiences, and backgrounds when it comes to business. From these experiences, women can empower other businesswomen to pursue their dream job by showing their unique talents into leadership.




It creates gender, age, and race diversity in the workplace, especially within the business industry. Companies such as Calvin Klein and L’oreal increase their sales by adding diversity in promoting their products not only for men but also for women.




Some women choose business as their main source of income for more flexibility and convenience, besides designing skills is the best way to sell and market their products. Not only that but they also have skills in self-awareness, empathy, and teamwork with other workers. Women also are known to be masters at multitasking and able to achieve great results.


Women leading to economic growth

The increasing number of women’s involvement in entrepreneurship and also the consumer has increased over the years as a result of contribution to economic growth. One of the tactics or secret of economic growth is through consumer testimonial on the quality of their market products. This can lead their consumers into loyal customers and also creates increases in company profits.



Marketing Strategies

They can identify other women’s product interests within the business industry. Who would resist such beauty products when it is displayed in the advertisement and magazine on how flawless and beautiful can the skin be? The power of women in marketing strategies is being creative in it is the color, design and of their products. Therefore, women get to attract easily with beautiful things. This made women marketing strategies successfully.




The mentality of society assumes men are better in handling the business than women. Stereotypical thinking that women are weaker than men in handling high-stakes task or position. It might be harsh and competitive towards women but the only way to deal with this kind of negative attitude is proving to society that being genuine, hard work, and surpass their expectations by handling the business successfully.


Balancing between business and family

Women are considered as the backbone of the family and being businesswomen need responsibility and commitment. Business Women feel the pressure and struggle of balancing between business and family especially from their spouses and children. The solution for business women in handling this hard situation is doing planning and time management to cope with cope between business and family life.


Lack of fairness within the business industry

Women have been treated differently due to society stereotypically gender within the business industry. Therefore, women normally get low pay and fewer opportunities to work in the business sector. Therefore, women have to go through this harshness attitude from the aggressive and competitiveness of men. Tips in handling this problem are creating a strong support network from other successful businesswomen. Following the strong business women community can be a great motivational and inspiring to other business women to move forward.