Attending a job interview can be an arduous process that we all have to go through on our job hunting escapades. Job interviews are a pivotal part of a job hunt, and if you’re looking for a new job you’re most likely going to have to deal with numerous interviews.


Between the stress before and after the interview, it does take mental fortitude to calm yourself during the process.


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In the event that you are a trust fund baby who does not need to work a day in your life, then this article might not be for you.


With that said, the prospect of selling yourself to an employer can be terrifying, especially for the inexperienced. But, there’s one important thing to keep in mind before you take the plunge. Be CONFIDENT!


After all, your potential employers DID call you in for an interview. They’ve already decided that you have something to offer for the position you’re applying for.


Apart from being confident, here are some of the ways that you can nail that all-important interview for the job of your dreams.

1. Always Do Your Research (And Prepare An Elevator Pitch While You’re At It)


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Research is always important in any aspect of our lives, and job interviews are no different.


Our advice? Always research the company before you head into your interview. Knowing the current events of the company is the key to being able to ask pertinent questions. Doing so will also give a good first impression on the interviewer. And you’ll be seen as having a genuine interest in the company, which is a plus in our books.


Keep in mind though, research goes beyond merely checking out the company’s website. Bonus points if you head to Glassdoor and LinkedIn to get a feel for the company. These websites have a different perspective of the company that you won’t find on their websites.


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Once you’ve done your research, the next logical step would be to prepare a short summary to sell your strong points. In other words, prepare an elevator pitch!


If you’ve been to interviews, you would have no doubt come across the question “tell me about yourself”. With a great elevator pitch, you’ll have a succinct, personal, and convincing answer that will blow your interviewer(s) out of the water.


Here are a couple of tips to create a solid elevator pitch:

  • Show them your personality – There’s only so much you can get from studying a resume. To avoid being too “cold” or “dry”, we’d recommend coming up with a short story about yourself. Questions such as “what inspired you to get into your line of work?” is an excellent start.
  • Elaborate on your (relevant) skills – Make a list of your relevant skills before you go into your interview. If you have relevant skills that the company needs, it shows that you’ve done your research and that you’re the best fit for the position.

2. Pay Attention to Your Body Language


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It’s the minor details that make the biggest impact. First impressions matter, and you won’t get a second chance at it!


In an interview, it can be tempting to focus only on your words. But doing so will make you come off as robotic and uninspired. After all, body language is vital in building rapport with your interviewer.


Body language is an important form of nonverbal communication. It will show whether you are confident, relaxed, nervous or unsure of yourself. In order to ace your job interview, you should give off as much positive energy as you can with your body language.


Start off by greeting your interviewer with a firm (not too hard) handshake and a pleasant smile. You’ll establish a great setting for your interview this way. Alternatively, you could also take the lead by asking how he/she is doing or make a comment about the weather.


During the interview, always remember to sit up straight and don’t slouch your back. Maintain direct eye contact throughout the interview to create a connection. And always show that you are alert and attentive to what your interviewer is saying.


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Speaking of which, eye contact is another form of nonverbal communication and is essential to a successful interview. As they say, the eyes are the windows to the soul, and eye contact can show whether a person is strong or weak. Direct eye contact establishes two key qualities employers look for in candidates. Confidence and high self-esteem.


Bonus Tip: Slightly leaning in during your interview shows that you are interested and engaged. And even subtle smiling will set you apart from the rest!

3. Follow Up With An Appreciative Thank You Message


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To be honest, not enough candidates do this simple task after their interviews. And it’s such a shame.


If you want to be memorable, always follow up with your interviewer. Sending them an e-mail to thank them for their time is a good way to start. A thank you note is a nice personal touch and it also shows that you are interested. Furthermore, a thank you e-mail keeps you in their minds longer.


Think about it this way. If you’re the only one out of a bunch of interviewees that sends an appreciative message, you’ll immediately stand out.


We’d suggest sending your note within 24 hours of the interview, if not sooner. This shows that you are on the ball and expresses a keen interest to work with them.


Final Word


Job interviews can be a nerve-wracking process especially if you really want the job. Believe us, we know the struggles that an interview presents. And it can be tough to know if you’ve done a good job during your interview.


Rather than overthinking, going in with our basic tips will help boost your confidence. With that, you can be sure that you’ll nail that job interview!